The Pink Floyd
Wot's... uh the deal?

The sun is up, the sky is blue, It’s beautiful and so are you. (…)

The wind is low, the birds will sing. That you are part of everything.

Dear Prudence, won’t you open up your eyes?

A 19 year old Jimmy Page discussing session playing, 1963. [x]


Pink Floyd

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laovejaelectric4 asked: Hey hola hola, qué tal te va? Me parece genial tu tumblr. Me encanta pink floyd, y es de los mejores espacios referente a esta banda que me he encontrado por aquí. :)

hola :) desculpa, eu não falo espanhol, mas entendi tudo o que você disse :3 obrigada, amor.

"The Beatle way of life was like a young kid entering the big world, entering it with friends and conquering it totally. And that was fantastic. An incredible experience." -Paul McCartney


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